Upcoming Litters

   Prairiesides Upcoming/Expecting Litters


Note: If not enough puppies are born, example, the female did not conceive or not enough of the selected sex are born, deposits are then rolled over to the next available litter of your choice, depending on availability. Only 2 deposits per sex are taken per expected litter. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposit amount to hold a puppy is $200.00. When we receive a deposit you are committing to purchasing a puppy and they are a lifetime commitment so sending a deposit shows you are ready for a puppy.


Upcoming Planned Litters

Unfortunately We are not accepting anymore names for our wait list at this time. We have removed our upcoming litters so we don’t have any further enquiries for them at the moment. Once the families on our list have received their puppy we will post updates and availability for our next litters at that time.