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Hi Kristin.

I just thought I would send you a note letting you know that Kai is doing great!!I think we will change his name though to Tank.This guy is the sweetest boy friendly to everyone as long as they are nice back!They are not even 5 months and he weighed in today at the vet at 60lbs. and looks great.I will send you some pics in the next day or two his markings are beautiful.We will be starting basic obedience in the next few weeks.He already knows quite a few commands and a few hand signals.Fantastic dog.Thanks again.

Brent Saskatoon

Hello Kristin.

Just letting you know that Yoshi is doing really well and I thought you might like to see a pic of her. She is beautiful and really intelligent.She is a joy to have in our family.Thanks!

Cheryl Meneer.
Hi Kristin

Thought you might like a photo of Dexter and to hear that hear that he is doing very well. He is the perfect mix between a working dog and a pet. Very even temperament, just soft enough that he is easily trained but still very confident and bold. Really could not ask for anything more in a family companion. Great with the kids, defence drive at home but no aggression toward strangers in public. He is taller then I expected, just under 26 inches at the shoulder, still a bit thin, has some filling out to do. He is the kind of dog that you can take anywhere and do anything with. We could not be happier.

David Locke
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
Dear Kristin

Callie is doing great and had fun at the cabin and went swimming a little bit but was hestitant about the waves even though she really wanted to join us and the young children in the water. Maybe next weekend will be calmer. She is also doing great at playing ball and returning it to me with a good sit and give for the next run.

Having a lot of fun with her
Hi Kristin,

It has been awhile since I have given you an update on Zeus so I
thought i would. He is doing great. I think he grows everyday. He
is still freakishly calm and has a wonderful personality. He is very
affectionate towards the whole family except the cat (haha). He is
very handsome and continues to grow into his big ears and big feet.
We are very happy with the way he looks. We think he looks a lot like
wall street. He has had quite a few adventures so far. He has been
to gimli, and kenora ontario numerous times. He really likes to go
for walks in the forest near our house also.

Basically I just wanted to say thank you for what has been a great
experience for me so far, and that I wouldn’t give him up for anything.
Tyler Feeleus

Thank you again. The pup we picked is totally awesome. She is so smart and easy to train. We brought her home and the first two nights she did need to get up at 2am to pee. I am happy to say that she is now sleeping beside my bed and can make it through the night. Piper comes to work everyday and the staff love her and it really helps with her socialization. She is completely kennel trained and no longer cries when she is put in her crate. She knows how to sit, shake a paw, fetch her ball, or toy and bring it back. She does give it up but sometimes she likes a good old tug of war. She walks on the leash and already knows how to sit before we cross the street. She is so intelligent. We have an above ground swimming pool and the weather has been hot, so we did put her in a few times, she is learning to be a good swimmer. The main reason I put her in the pool was just in case she fell in the fish pond. Well needless to say she thought it was a great watering hole for a few days until she fell in. She now is drinking out of her water dish again. She is so easy to train, it amazes me. She knows she is not allowed in the flower beds or to bite the heads off the flowers. She has not spotted the fish yet, but that could be interesting when she does. I just wanted to let you know that she is in a wonderful home and has become the center of our universe.

Wendy Jones



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